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I grew up on a dead end street in front of a swamp in Battle Creek, MI. After a fateful Spring Break trip to Los Angeles during my time at University of Michigan, I fell in love with the city and have lived here ever since graduating. My ticket to LA was punched by Deloitte & Touche who offered me a job as an entry level security consultant, which seemed incredibly boring at the time. I expected to quit after settling into LA and then I planned to join something truly cool... like a web design company. 

23+ years later, I've made my home and peace in the cyber security biz as an entrepreneur and occasional investor. I'm fortunate to have had a broad range of experiences, from leading the longstanding $2B Norton product line to successful start-ups like CrowdStrike and Foundstone. I helped Tenable get across the IPO finish line as their Chief Product Officer. I've authored patents, done a bunch of public speaking at big conferences, been on TV, helped write a couple books, etc. If you want more, all the normal stuff is up on LinkedIn. I'm currently CEO and co-founder of Open Raven and running the Security Voices podcast along with my partner Jack.

I live in Los Angeles, CA with my wife, son and an adopted turtle named "Owl".  

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